Sports Therapy

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Sports Therapy 1 Hour £41
Sports Therapy 30 Minutes £25

Please allow an extra 15 minutes if it is your first appointment.

You do not need to be a 'top flight' athlete or injured to benefit from Sports Massage Therapy. Regular Sports Massage can:

  • Reduce the risk of injuries & loss of mobility by improving the condition of the muscles.
  • Help avoid problems associated with over use.
  • Help to maintain the body in a better physical condition.
  • Help to maintain the body in a better physical condition.
  • Treat and restore injured muscle tissue.
  • Boost athletic performance & enhance endurance.
  • Compliment any training programme.

Injury Prevention Advice

A Sports Therapist will advise on prevention of injuries. This can be through prescribing exercise, training advice, assessing exercise techniques and general life style assessment.

Postural Assessment

Postural Assessment can often be the key to establishing what corrective measures need to be taken to prevent injury, or to correct an existing problem.

Injury Assessment & Rehabilitation

A Sports Therapist will examine, assess and treat soft tissue injuries that do occur, as well as helping with the rehabilitation process. Treatments will often conclude with passive & active stretch exercises, plus advice on self-help exercise routines.